Common Cents Fund-Raising is sold and serviced by Dave Castleman. Dave has over 25 years in the fundraising industry servicing schools cartoon in West Virginia. Schools find that they put more money in their coffers than with other companies and are serviced second to none. Dave has always felt communication is one of the most important elements to completing a successful fund-raiser. All calls and emails will be returned in a timely fashion. You will always be provided high quality products. We are proudly representing Club's Choice Fundraising and Zap A Snack, the finest line up in the fund-raising industry.

Common Cents Fun-Raising specializes in school wide and league fund-raisers. Dave has been nicknamed "Mr. Fun-Raiser" by a well-known Charleston DJ for good reasons. His school wide kickoffs are fun (for kids and teachers alike) thanks to his 25-year companion Archie, a fun-loving puppet who sings current and past hits. Another reason for being called Mr. Fun-Raiser is the Blowout reward parties, which the kids look forward to year after year.